general thoughts

Schlamassel can be said with a smile on the lips

This morning, I was checking a word for its origins as I was not 100% sure, but pretty sure that “Schlamassel” is actually a German word of Hebrew origin. Right I was. I think, in English, however, it does not exist, contrary to “Massel” (En: mazzel, mazeltov). I love Schlamassel as word. Being in Schlamassel means being really in troubles, being in a mess. In my ears, there are tonalities to Schlamassel, too. For me, there is a tonality of self imposed troubles, there is a tonality of things that are very serious but still not about life and death.


Can be anything. Like the Japanese/Greek/Italian, (continue the list here _ _ _ )  depth troubles. Like Switzerland after a vote where a majority votes in a way that brings us into a Schlamassel. Or the Euro Schlamassel. Or the post financial crisis Schlamassel in the US. Or the niche perfume industry Schlamassel.

Or my little Schlamassels when it comes to suppliers these days. My Schlamassel solution: Wherever I can… build a second supplier. Just to be sure. But I do not want to complain in this post. I just happen to love this word. Also because you can say it with a smile on your lips.


I guess in one way or the other, we are all a bit in a Schlamassel. At least from time to time. And from time to time, we have all have Massel.

Here’s to your day with lots of Massel! Mine started great, with the sun shining into the kitchen, where I am baking a pie for later today.

Today’s picture: a shot from the factory, where we are filling flacons like crazy. No Schlamassel there!