scribbling and waiting for Tuberose

I love doing these little scribble sketches. They are done within minutes, you are free when doing them as the individual stroke does not matter and yet at the end, sometimes, the result is remarkable. They are perfect for moments like “now”. I will soon have to run out of the house, visit the post office where I will have to queue for at least 10 minutes (felt like an eternity) as it is the end of the month. I will have to go to the factory then, fetch stuff, bring it to the little bookstore in Zurich where folks are sold out of PHI-une rose de Kandahar, 3 days after I have brought them a big pile of the rose de Kandahar, which feels like a blink, and it is all gone. And it is just amazing.

So I scribbled 5 minutes ago and scanned it and put it online. Yep:It sort of represents the Tuberose sotto la luna flacon. The scribble image is perfect as in some places the Tuberose is still a rumor and folks could not smell it, yet. In some places, like Italy, it ships for a couple of weeks now and actually, the next days will see me packing another order of it and other things to replenish stock. What I shipped before Pitti is all gone. I just love, love, love my Italian perfume lovers.

In the US, it will hit some of the stores early October. I am quite curious what will happen with this particular fragrance. The reason: This one is -in its family: tuberose- unique.

So… a few days left. October will see me talking a bit, here and there, about it. Or maybe not. I have not really decided yet how pushy I want to be. In a very peculiar way I feel that there is no need to do too much talking here. A gut feeling. It is like with scribbling: Sometimes we just need to let go and wait for the picture to arise.