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today, I continue boxing and preparing orders for pick-up later this week and next week. Thus, this post is short, but comes with a punch line. In between, when I cannot sit straight and patiently anymore, I will dilute the next batch of Vetiver dance, one of the most under-appreciated perfumes in my line. At least when it comes to the online discussions and online sales. In the “real world” with perfumeries, people presenting scents to people, peoples actually smelling it, this vetiver fragrance of mine does better. Actually, it will never be a top seller, but there are folks who like it.

There is a difference between online and real world that I find interesting.

In the online world, there this vetiver dance fragrance is almost not existing. I have been thinking a long time about this. I see it with other fragrances from other brands and I feel I see this anomaly also with entire other brands that seemingly do not exist in online discussions. Entire brands do not get the online press that (I think) they deserve.

I think, people partly blog and write and express themselves about fragrances and brands that others write and blog about and express themselves.

It is a self sustaining communication.

Partly this is steered by PR. Partly it is a community phenomenon.

But it is different to what happens in the brick and mortar shops when it comes to sales.

Can it be that the online and brick and mortar retailer oriented consumer shops differently due to this?

Isn’t this fascinating?

(Addition: The picture shows you the 2010 X-mas tree in the Gallerie Lafayette, in Paris)