what's up?

serious hiking ahead

Hurray! We shipped what we needed to ship this week and the last boxes are out of the house and out of the way. It felt like a maze the last few days, boxes piled up everywhere and flacons and paper and…cozy factor=zero.

I will do some clean up, minimal though, because we (W.-factor and me) continue next week there where I stop today. after the clean up,  I will do some hopping in the woods to deserve my restaurant diner with lots of fries and then…

…then it’s the weekend!

And this weekend is a hiking weekend, with friends, like every year, arranged since eternities, we will stay in the Bernina Hospiz (no 5 stars hotels anymore since I live from perfumery…) and we will do some serious hiking! And enjoy the last summer flowers up there.

I wish you a lovely weekend and look forward to continue discussing EAU D’ÉPICES next week.

Today’s picture: Malva sylvestris seen last weekend around the corner of our house.