making of

shape and color

the first morning hour is usually mine. The earlier the more it is mine, and the better: in the morning I write the posts of the day and come up with weird thoughts. And get used to the idea that another day waits with e-mails, although I spenTd an evening answering so many of them.

It is an endless flow of communication that has something very comforting.

It is in the morning that I use photoshop and draw its and bits. This morning, I was putting the sketch of yesterday into a more readable form.

Sketch of the eau d'épices structure.

Sketch of the eau d'épices structure.

The sketch looks like that.

This is -if you want- the shape of the perfume, in some detail, showing some of the complexity. I will need to add two or three components, though.

If you want, you may scan from top to bottom to get a pyramid kind of description. But the sketch misses the light, the color. And -as a commenter lately rightfully said- the sum is more than the individual ingredients….  Tricky…(here is the link to the same picture in higher resolution)

But at least it gives you an impression of COMPLEXITY and how I think, if I do.