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smelling experimental stuff

The last few days were somewhat factory driven. And there was no time to paint or play.

But I always took some experimental, new, exciting trials with  me and while labelling or packaging or answering emails I was smelling what I came up with over the last few weeks. Some tauerville, some Tauer Perfumes. Some a bit crazy, some a bit boring.

To me, these wearings of new experimental formulas, on skin, and smelling for hours, are important. After a couple of wearings I know how a scent develops on my skin. It does -unfortunately- does not mean that it would smell identically on somebody else. And it does not mean that what I smell will be what others smell.

Smelling is very individual and we all have gaps, things that we do not smell, although we should. And we are all conditioned by what we smelled before. And the conditioning goes on and on.

And then, there’s another way  of conditioning, too: There is our expectation of what we think we will be smelling that influences what we smell. Here’s where the power of words and pictures plays a role.

But at least my testing of new scents allows me to say: Yes, it sits there for a couple of hours. That’s already something.

The rest of the week will see me more or less in the factory. Thus, still not much time to paint. Only quick sketches like the one going with this post. A quick meditation for 10-15 minutes.