Pencil illustration of Marylin Monroe
what's up?

smelling perfume brings the brain into a different state

Over the weekend, I was also playing with scents. It always helps calming down. I guess you experience the same: Smelling perfume brings the brain into a different state. To me, it is a state that comes close to meditation.

The same is true for drawing, thus today’s picture: The Sunday pencil sketch of yesterday. Two hours meditation with Ms. beautiful and Ms. sad. These days, I have three ways to relax: I draw, I run or I play with scents.

The website is up and running again. There are some details that I need to address in the coming days, and a couple of design elements that we will need to address in the coming months. But more or less : We are up there again.

Lighter, less design but easier to maintain and more secure for my clients.

I find it exciting; and I like some features the best. Like going through the payment process in $ and EURO. Or like having larger pictures on the blog. Although there, I think my joy made me a bit go over the top and I will have to come up with a size standard.

So… what’s next? The website needs to load faster, I need to come up with more starting pictures (sliding pictures on the front page). And I need to finish preparing for Pitti in Florence, like sample making.

And here’s another highlight: I will meet a soap producer here in Switzerland for a joint venture with yet another company for my fragrant soaps. Now that I can ship for a reasonable price to the world, and in light of the fact that I could sell hundreds of perfume soaps: I am seriously considering getting it done. Exciting!