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Greetings from Zurich, after a couple of hectic days. Like: Really hectic! One reason is the Tuberose sotto la luna.

The other day, I watched a documentary about Steve Jobs and was amazed. I learned a lot of details that I did not know. And I was amazed about how pushy and smart he obviously was. Pushy also in the sense of: Super not modest, like telling everybody that this, this PC is the best in the world. Well, I guess some of them really were top.

So I said to the bookkeeper the other night: “you know what: I think it is about time to be a bit less modest.”

“like what?” he replied ….you know my bookkeeper is always getting suspicious when I talk like that; quite often a sentence like “it is time to…” ends up with spending money for an idea.

” like telling the world that some of my scents are some of the best there are. In the world. Period.”

“Ok, that should work”, the $ gatekeeper replied, all happy.

So there you go: Luca Turin mentioned during a recent event organized by the Perfume Society in London :

“….Oct 3:Here’s snippet 4 u. #LucaTurin reckons @tauerperfumes L’Air Du Desert Marocain is on par with Shalimar & will still b with us in 100 years.” (copied recklessly from Persolaise’s twitter feed)

Then, of course, the house of Guerlain and Tauer cannot be compared. I am still a baby, and maybe not focused enough on making money, like really, yes, seriously.

That’s why, maybe, I do sometimes things like this, a hand painted birthday card going with an order (see today’s picture). This, well, this cannot be explained to a business development manager, as it does not pay off in $$, but only in smiles. And no: It is NOT going to be a standard service that I ‘ll offer.

But then: A smile counts, too. Somehow. Although it does not pay the bread, and for sure not the butter.

Ah, and yes, I forgot: You know what. The Tuberose sotto la luna is one of the best tuberoses out there.