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split rocker

Enlightening means also demystification, destruction of the great secret.

That`s about what I said, among other things, in the split rocker magazine on whether a scent smells better, if you know more about it.

But first things first: The split rocker is a great, gigantic statue, created by Jeff Koons that is coverd from head to toe so to say with flowers, thousands of gardenia among others. You find a little video featuring Jeff Koons talking about his split rocker at the Beyeler foundation in Basel here (youtube): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RnWVO5u53o

I was interviewed for a magazine dedicated to the split rocker about flowers, gardens and art and it turned out to be wonderful magazin with great pictures. Today’s picture on the left of this post shows you a page out of the German magazine. I think they do not sell it anymore at the Beyeler art shop. But if you want to check the museum for other Jeff Koons articles and videos, you can do so here: http://www.fondationbeyeler.ch/en/exhibitions/jeff-koons/introduction

I still think that what I said then to Finn Canonica (he interviewed me and put it all together. Great job!) is right. And I think when talking about perfumes it is a fine line to walk. So we will continue to talk about the upcoming Loretta fragrance and some facets of it, but there should remain a mystery, a secret that you, the wearer of Loretta, will enjoy. Because it will also be your little secret.