making of

state of works broschure

Good morning from Zurich, where the weather God and fairies and good witches all work together to motivate me continuing on my little brochure project. It stopped raining this morning and started pouring instead. Good!  Thus, let’s talk brochure, state of works. The picture of today shows you a pdf copy (shaky resolution, can’t read the text) that gives an overall impression of the state of works.

It is always a double page that you see. Like: the left half of the andy pictures is the left page No. 2 in the brochure, the right half of the picture is the page 3 on the right side of the brochure. Some details don’t show, like: The large pictures have all a 5 mm white border. The small pictures and the grey faded bar on the bottom have no borders , are margin less.

Statements about the brand and products are in the third person and Andy’s statements, citations, are found exclusively in the lower bottom part, printed onto the grey bar that runs on every page over the pictures and that holds on citation each. The text is not 100% final but the ratio text to pictures should not change much. [added: Some of the text blocks will change position, though]

I sort of like it. But…. it misses something. It is all too nice, cliché and I thinking about giving it some pepper by coming up with other header words (don’t like these really), maybe switching to adjectives, and maybe adding another visual element or two, like a handwritten note, in an  90° angle,  going with the pictures. We will see. Any comment is highly welcome, it always helps, even if I do not seem to listen to all comments and don’t change: It sure helps. Enjoy your Friday!