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Stretch it or: Day 12 of the advent calendar

Welcome to day 12 of my advent calendar. And today, today it is a serious post about the holidays logistics at tauerville. Tauerville=the two rooms where I put all together: Juice into bottles, bottle into box, box into large box and if things go to Italy: Put the box in a box onto palettes. I have rented two rooms in a not so fancy business building, one room is stock only, one is shelves and tables.

Logistics =making sure that things are in stock to be shipped at the right time to the right place using the right means. Thus, it means making sure that you have enough in stock. But it also means making sure that you do not too much in stock. A lot of things take for ever. Literally. For instance, I have to decide in spring what raw materials to get for the summer production of a scent to have it ready in September/October, for shipment to Italy, to be in the shops in November/December. It’s like going to Phytia in Delphi and asking the Oracle about next year. So you basically never know what you gonna get and prepare for what you think you might gonna get.

I think you got the message: Not easy. And the closer you come to the end of the year, it means stretching things. And to top it all: I am sometimes a little bit like a squirrel in winter: I forget about some of the things that I put in the back of the shelves for winter…So we tend to discover from time to time a couple of bottles, boxed and ready, put aside as “reserve” for x y z.

To illustrate this stretching of things, I use a scan from a catalog that I got the other day. It shows you a stretch PolyPropylene foil that is used to pack and seal boxes on a palette. Thus, it is a picture in a packaging catalog. And I love, love, love these packaging catalogs. We got a couple of these stretch foils, too. They are cool. Although,I have to admit:  I look less cool than the lady on this picture….

For a one man perfume house with two rooms as factory, packaging catalogs are dream stuff! I dream of large space, and cool men and women packing my palettes with stretch foil.

Today, you can win in the advent calendar draw a sample of Lys du désert, my decennial contribution for Luckyscent (not available here), sent from Switzerland, hand sprayed into a sample vial, with a little greeting card, signed, a print of one my sketches from my visits to Joshua Tree, where I try from time to time to get out of my logistics worries…

To enter the draw: Leave a comment, say hello, and if you wish…. what is your dream catalog these days?

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