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success in perfumery

In one of my comments on yesterday’s blog post, I wrote what some of my perfumer friends and me often say:

“success in perfumery is twofold: a) get the creation right. b) get it sold.”

Here are a couple of consequences, or better: conclusions, that you might draw if you take the above seriously. There are a lot! of unsuccessful perfumes out there. And the two success parameters easily get into conflict. Not in the sense of: A beautiful piece of art does not sell well, in GENERAL, as it is -special, unique, avant garde, new, intellectual…. That’s not true, but rather the appeasement by creators (me not excluded there). But the conflict might -for instance- come from cost factors to (seemingly) get the creations right.

Actually, I think the above translates into: You have to stay loyal to WHAT you create and HOW you create. But, at the end of the day, you must always create FOR the others out there, not for yourself.

At least, if you wish the “others” to finance you by buying your creations. If you create for the fun of it, then it’s a different story, of course.

So, anyhow: You see… a slippery road, a thin line, a balance act, and easy to find yourself being up a blind alley.

And …oh so relative, confusing and diffuse.

But here’s the thing: Sometimes, when building your little empire, as a brand or a person, you tend to forget to this, and you tend to forget to ask  from time to time, and to listen to the answers.

For me, Rose flash, was such a question; the rose flash link goes to fragrantica. There, you find a few comments, what perfume lovers say about this rose. Interesting answers actually.

Today’s picture is a snapshot from an outdoor exhibition in Milan, sponsored by Vogue Italy. Movement. Fits perfectly.