general thoughts


Fragrant greetings from the factory, where I am about to fill samples a gogo and wait for truck drivers picking up boxes. Today’s picture shows you a photo that I took in a sugar museum: a happy couple, woman serving hot beverages and offering a piece of sugar to man who sits a bit stiff, according to our standards. It looks pre war to me (WWI). Back then, sugar was the big thing and unlike today rather expensive.

Overall, this scene looks to me (us) exotic and a bit strange. It is about as far from my daily event horizon as is the life of a Masai couple in Kenia. For them, 110 years ago, all was perfectly normal and the way it should be, including his moustache and her dramatic hair.

They were conditioned that way, and the brain was trained to expect exactly this

Imagine how very differently we are conditioned today.And guess what: We are also conditioned to perfume. I have myy doubts that Ms unknown, serving sugar 110 years ago, would wear a maltol bomb of today, or the raspberry rose combo of rose vermeille … or: well, maybe she would!