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suggestive to something in the past

I got a sneak preview sent to me by Aron who takes pictures of the Tableau de Parfums flacon, of Miriam to be precise, and we discussed how to proceed. Love what he did so far. I will get three pictures done: Front, back and side. The goal: Bring in light inside the flacon, let the perfume color gleam a bit through the white enamel like print on the flacon, let the medallion shine in the back, and bring out all the details such as the silver chord running around the flacon’s head.

After yesterday’s preview, I am confident that Aron will manage. Although it is not an easy flacon to take pictures of: The labels and the white print on the front “eat” a lot of light and you need to be clever to bring in the sun into the fragrance.

Pictures are important. Perfumes are judged by flacons and pictures of flacons and packaging. And I always say that perfumes are actually judged and bought by the eye. The nose is just confirming. Sometimes at least. Nosy stuff is eye stuff, too. Thus, I get these pictures done. Later, I will use them for some sort of press and communications work. To be frank: I think that Brian Pera, the Memphis based movie maker and myself, are doing something unique. And I want to make sure that perfume lovers, film lovers, art lovers understand and know.  I want them to know, that this project exists. Thus, I need to keep on talking, and make sure I get the pictures out so that others talk about it, too. It is so difficult to be heard in a world that has become very loud. Anyhow.

I want the pictures to mirror the nostalgic side of the fragrance and the modern twist that you find in both, the flacon and the fragrance.

Actually, Mals used the term “nostalgic” yesterday in the comment on Miriam. Mals is a lucky winner of the Now Smell This draw a while ago, and used the term nostaligic to describe the scent. Nostalgic  is a nice word. “Sugestive to something in the past”, says Thesaurus. I guess that fits perfectly.

The something here is the scent and the past is the time when folks still got the real thing.