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super luna

Today’s picture shows you the contrary of what we have seen yesterday and will see next month again: A super full moon. That’s what we have seen. And the picture shows you a mini moon, the photo been taken around 10 am, while cycling in the Danube valley. The moon is the little dot in the upper fifth, in the middle. The picture is modified with added contrast and lowered brightness.

So there we go: We had a super full moon in August. (here’s the link to an article explaining what a super moon actually is). And we will have a super full moon again. September 9. And although I am not entirely convinced about any influence of the moon on human beings, I am sure that it has a big influence on perfume launches. Launching a perfume during a supermoon is great. But launching a fragrance from a line called Sotto la luna in the night of a super full moon: That’s about as good as it gets. And the full moon will have a very positive influence on the fragrance’s success and its appreciation. For sure.

So there we go: Gardenia launch party at Les Senteurs in London, September 9 2014. Reservations and details: Click here. This link brings you to a page where you can get a glimpse of the flacon and an illustration that I did. Andy’s gardenia under a super full moon. It just can’t get better.

Have a great day!