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delivery imminent

Right now, I am at home, in the office, waiting for a DPD delivery of new labels. So there is time to share some stationnary with you. I got new business cards. They were designed by my designer guru who is super cool. In the picture (one of today’s orders) it sits on the wrapped […]

Amber flush
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Amber flush

Tonight, I have to prepare the newsletter, wherein I want to announce that I will start finally! (By Nov. 1) selling the Au Coeur du Désert on my site, too. And the US retailers will start by then, too: I needed to wait as I could not deal with all orders at the same time. […]

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the first one

Here’s a little “making of” before I am heading for the factory where more bottles are waiting for me to fill them, label them or pack them. Usually, I do a bit of everything as I am easily bored and cannot just do one thing all day. So the making of: Today’s picture shows you […]

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working on a couple of new products and welcoming goodies back in stock

I have just sent out the latest Tauer Perfumes newsletter, as always with sweaty hands, worrying that I made this one big mistake and that I sent off a newsletter that goes totally wrong. Well, it can happen, and just the other day I got a newsletter from a company with a big, inconvenient mistake in there. […]