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Yesterday, we (me and my two helping hands) started counting the inventory. This is interesting. Like the census in Judea,…You go out and count what you have (as we are no Roman emperors here: We go … the emperors asks folks to come. Voilà : La différence). What is interesting about it: We filled a […]

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EBITDA, or I sold my first picture or bookkeeping discussions

Today’s illustration shows you me, blinking into the sun. I started working on it April 18, after I took a quick photo with my phone in the morning, blinking into the sun. I used my digital drawing board starting with a 2 pixel pencil doing the contours and major areas and picked colors together with […]

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a week in reflectionToday is Sunday. Time to have a look into the Sunday newspaper (5 min) and shake your head. We have undoubtedly entered the slack season and the holidays here in Europe started with the traffic jam on the Gotthard road south, like every year with the Gotthard tunnel being the rate limiting […]