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early birds

This morning I got up pretty early. Early enough to see the full moon and listening to the birds waking up, too. Today’s picture is kind of proof. I need to head the factory early as later in the afternoon there’s thunderstorms predicted; hard to believe when I watch the sky right now. But the […]

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aqua fidelis

No sun for us here today; here = under the fog. Up there, over the fog, blue skies. Ah well. You can’t have everything, right? A steaming factory and the blue sky are non compatible today. So I will go down there after this post is written and do what I always do: Try not […]

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was calone putting an end to high end male perfumes?

This morning, for no particular reasons, I woke up thinking: “I need to make a Calone centric fragrance”. The second thought was “maybe with a big flower next to it. That would be so odd, maybe a tuberose or rose”. The third thought was “there is a reason why I do not have Calone here in […]