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in the mood

This morning, for no particular reason besides the aspect that I was thinking about it for quite a while, I woke up with an idea. That’s nice. An idea for a scent, or better said, a scent for an idea. Thus, first thing after the coffee: Opening up my excel file where I store all […]


dirty hands

I painted the second last picture published here on the blog, the elephant in orange, with the brush that you see in today’s picture. The brush is pretty rough, pretty large and round. This translates into: Difficult to do details, and nice structures due to the brush’s rough hair. The brush helps to stay “generous” and free […]

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post 800

WordPress tells me that this is post 800 since I switched platforms. 200 more and we got a thousand. Yes! Today’s picture shows you a less “yes!” picture: bunch of yellow narcissi, based on a 5×5 cm little picture from the watercolor class, wet in wet, as our teacher told me “you have to try it […]

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to work with love.

Happy 1. of May to you all! Like my friend Olivier Durbano said on Facebook just now: To Work with Love! That’s what I am heading for: To work with love. My work: well…. The other day, I got an interview questions about my being a perfumer. Here’s the truth: I am creating fragrances, love […]