I had the pleasure to attend an event last week, a get together, at the Duftcontor in Oldenburg. This is one of the very few real niche perfumeries there are in Germany. You will find some of the best there is, there, and none of all the other bottles that you find in many places. […]

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Tonight, I will sleep in the train that brings me up north, to Germania.  There, in the lands of holy oaks we will talk about incense, a gift from the gods.  I am invited and so honored to talk, chat, hug and more at the Duftcontor in Oldenburg: I will bring some incense with me, […]

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not even an oligarch can get it

Today, I finished another rose mix that will go into the molten glycerine soap, that will go into the soap pouring frame, allowing me to pour 48 soaps at once and come up with soap bars. Rose scented soap bars. The mixture is actually quite simple, consisting of 10 ingredients, rose absolute (r. damascena from […]