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oh eau

So, yes: It’s been a couple of busy days here in the factory, trying to keep up with orders and communication. The newest kid in town is Eau. And as always: The first couple of days after the initial offering are usually rough because I get a lot of mails and messages and notes. After […]

making of


So, it is here. The L’eau. Finally. Eau is the fragrance mentioned a couple of times here; when I was discussing a clear (clean- but I do not like that term) fragrance I am working on. Yesterday, I went live on Facebook to talk a bit about it and to celebrate and just hang out […]

creating scents

bright light of summer and another rose

Before leaving for Italy: A long post! Good morning from Zurich, where the roses are blooming, and where we still enjoy the bright light of late spring, like beatles coming out of the ground, spreading the wings and taking off into the sun. Today’s picture shows you the sun breaking through trees, taken at 10 […]