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more roses

Today’s picture shows you a part of a box that sits next to me on my desk. It is one of several boxes where ideas and prototypes pile up. And there’s a little bottle of Diorissimo that I like to sniff, from time to time. Just because. I have no plan to make another lily […]

making of

spectacular on many levels

The regular readers of this blog know about my Sunday rituals. Human beings need structures and I am no exception there. Most Sundays you see me jogging my half marathon in the hills leading out of Zurich’s west. Yesterday was an absolutely spectacular jog: Starting in bright sunlight and temperatures that are still unusual for […]

making of

like a squirrel finding stuff, or not

Here’s another gardenia picture for you: it is a scanned flower (500 MB, 10500×8000 pixel, 48 bit), optimized by photoshop in lower scale, removing dust particles etc. and once again scaled down to fit in the  featured image section of this blog. Today’s topic: Gardenia, the upcoming first scent in the Tauer line “Sotto la […]


paper work

Next week, hard to believe right now, I will be in LA and on October 7 we will all get together to officially launch Miriam at Luckyscent’s scentbar, the first fragrance from the Tableau de Parfums series. Thus, it is urgent time to get things organized that need to be done beforehand. One of these: […]

what's up?

time to play

I got a wonderful sample of bay leaves essential oil and enjoyed playing with it and other raw materials on my desk. Nothing serious, though. Just a playing round, and do not expect any launch soon. But it was time to start playing again. The bay leave oil, by the way, has like two sides. […]