a look back at Esxence

There is a moment of tranquility in the house of Tauer and I wish to share a few impressions from this year’s Esxence in Milan. Tomorrow, I will go to Paris, in preparation of my event with Antonio from Marie-Antoinette where we will present Miriam. This will take place on Tuesday evening. Today, Sunday, is […]

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almond blooming

Before I talk on what I do today and tomorrow: THANK YOU! For your great support of the Kickstarter campaign for our film project ONLY CHILD. Now are the last days if you want to make sure to get your hands on my fragrance DARK PASSAGE  that is only available through this campaign, and only […]

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it gets green around us

Fragrant greetings from Zurich, where we are all in happy busy production mode. Next Friday, I will travel to Milan, to visit Esxence on Saturday. Thus, I want to get a lot of things done and fixed before this weekend. Contrary to last year, I will not have a stand together with my Italian importer; […]