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gated community

I used the term “gated community” in a facebook comment this morning, where I made a serious comment in an otherwise happy post. The post was about a launch event; my brand, the complete line, will soon be available in Canada, Montreal, Quebec, at Etiket. This is wonderful! Back to the gated community: You know, […]

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straight ahead

This post is going to have two topics. It may be a bit “anti” and I am sorry if I might disillusion you. The topics are linked, though. I do not know if you have ever witnessed a stampede. It is impressive and freightening. I was once in a little stampede by cows. Here’s the […]

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resuming shipping to the US

So we ship to the US again. Samples and full sized products. Starting today…In order to be able to do so, I had to get a deal done with FEDEX. Shipping hazardous goods by air freight seems best to go through fedex, pricey, and not to be used for single bottle shipments, but very reliable, and I […]

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delicate matters

This post is a bit delicate, as it is a bit critical and as Switzerland is not part of the EU (European Union) and hence I am describing a view of a part of the world from the outside. Some of you might not like this post, some of you prefer to read about roses, […]