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clean zones

Spring greetings from Zurich, using a photo that I took yesterday in the factory. I found the flower (dandelion) when taking a break, on the road, picked and forgotten. So I took the flower up to the factory room and fooled around with the phone and fruitchouli flash. Doing so, I realized again how important […]

creating scents


when I meet people who do not know me, doing the small talk thing,  I usually try not to mention what I do. I always say I am self employed, hoping for no further questions. Why? Well, because the conversation goes usually in a disillusioning direction. No, I do not sit in a perfumery room […]

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to work with love.

Happy 1. of May to you all! Like my friend Olivier Durbano said on Facebook just now: To Work with Love! That’s what I am heading for: To work with love. My work: well…. The other day, I got an interview questions about my being a perfumer. Here’s the truth: I am creating fragrances, love […]

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Day 16 of the advent calendar

A couple of years ago, in another life, when I was more or less working 8 to 5, and had a pretty much 90% work free weekend and a 100% free time during the days between X-mas and New Year’s eve, well, then I used to play. Computer games, mostly Civ, starting from 1 and […]

creating scentswhat's up?


It is almost September. The roses are still in bloom but you can feel how they bring out the last buds for this year. The sun is changing its course, the evening light breaks out in yellow colors and the shape of things says: Autumn. The temperatures, the light, the perspective: All is shifting. Usually, […]