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a pink rose

Yesterday, while jogging and wondering where we and the Dollar US and the EURO will head in the coming years, I realized that for someone in the US, everything that comes from abroad becomes insanely expensive these days. Not because the producers would charge more, but because the $ got sort of weak. At least […]

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more fetish thoughts

Here I am again, talking about fetish and perfume, following up on the post of last Wednesday (click here for the post), where I was talking trend and fetish.  In the mean time, searching  for “tauer fetish” brings my post of 48 hours ago right on top of google’s list of results. Which is sort […]

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fetish and trends

From time to time I work with PR professionals; our circles cross and I get to know the world of fashion and perfume from a insider’s perspective. Quite interesting as I usually take perfumes from an other side.  Thus, I was told the other day that FETISH is going to be a BIG trend in […]