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delivery imminent

Right now, I am at home, in the office, waiting for a DPD delivery of new labels. So there is time to share some stationnary with you. I got new business cards. They were designed by my designer guru who is super cool. In the picture (one of today’s orders) it sits on the wrapped […]

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In need of another card going with shipments

I did not run out of the fragrance PHI-une rose de Kandahar, but I run out of the printed cards with the PHI-bottle illustration that looked like that: I still have some of the No-14 Noontide Petals illustration cards, but it is about time for a new card, in flyer format, 300 gr per m2. […]

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when voices disappear

Yesterday, right before going to bed, I sent another flyer order out: for PHI- une rose de Kandahar. I picked the sketch that I did a few weeks ago of the flacon of PHI, and sent 10×15 cm postcard flyers, white background, 350 gr/m2, single side coated, demi gloss, out to the printing company. Today’s […]