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You remember how I sort of complained about how difficult France is for artisanal and niche perfumery? And how I went to secret missions from here to there? Finally, good news and a bright sky above us. My scent babies go to Grenoble. Yes. Imagine! Last Friday I visited LM.Parfums, or in other words la […]

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Letters to a fellow perfumer (2)

Back from Grenoble! It was  a bit of a drive down there and back in a day, but true worth it. More on this trip later. There is hope for Tauer in France… I have perfect reading recommendation for your weekend: Mandy Aftel and Andy Tauer’s Letters to a fellow perfumer. Continued here on Nathan […]

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poison pour les poissons

Continuing there where I stopped last week: Today’s pictures shows you a snapshot, dated from last week, taken on my mixing bench in the studio room. Mixing of eau d’épices. You see: We mix the eau d’épices fragrance for you, by hand, working with the oils and resins and powders, combining them in a large […]