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Hyacinth and other treats

It is spring in Zurich, for sure and for real and it is fantastic. The hyacinths are in bloom on the veranda, more than last year as I planted more bulbs in autumn. Not all of them are equally fragrant and they do not smell exactly the same. But they smell and it is very […]

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broken things and being brave

Today’s picture shows you an egg that I used last Saturday to make a “hefezopf” loaf. The picture is a rough, A4 size, oil color sketch, on paper. An allegory for things that break and  cannot be fixed anymore, by nobody really, but at the same time they’re opening the door to something new. Yesterday, […]

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small and simple

Today it is going to be the perfect pre-spring day with the sun shining all day and temperatures going up a little bit. Nice. The picture for today’s post  fits therefore. Snowdrops in watercolor. Little “medallions”, trial pictures,  a bit smaller than postcard size, painted from a photo of live snowdrops that I took in the […]

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so tired of perfume as an art

Sundays, I always go for my half marathon jogging, not really ambitiously running for any time goal, but happily enjoying the fact that it still works and that I’ll get it done.  In the second part of the run, the way the mind works sort of changes; maybe it is oxygen, maybe it is endorphins […]

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give off a strong odour

I cannot help it: When I have hyacinths in the house, I need to talk about them. …. “Hyacinth flowers give off a strong floral, narcotic, green-fatty odour, which also contains earthy, spicy, animalic aspects.” , say E.-J. Brunke, F.-J. Hammerschmidt and G. Schmaus, in their article in the FLAVOUR AND FRAGRANCE JOURNAL, VOL. 9. 59-69 (1994), titled Headspace Analysis […]

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spring in the house

Today’s a busy day and I have to run, leaving the house soon; in the house: spring. Hyacinths in bloom, pink, white, blue. Although, to be honest, only the blue one smells really strong. One reason why I am running out of the house soon: To be back earlier. That’s the plan at least. To […]

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never trust any picture

Today’s blog post title “never trust any picture” could be extended to “nor any bank. At least in the EU “, referring to what happens in the southern part of the EU, Cyprus. Today’s NZZ brought it to the point: basically, the decisions taken are proof that saved money is not safe on banks within […]

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on my way to Milan

Fragrant greetings, today from the train to Milan (again), where I will stay for a day, sleeping in an affordable hotel, and trying not to get homesick. It has been a while since I slept for a couple of days in a row at home. But I do not want to complain. In the end, […]

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lines and sketches

Unfortunately, these days see me sitting in front of the computer, facing excel, and not scents. Or I am in the “factory” packing some scents and getting retailer orders ready.  But I have a few scents on, wrist testing phase so to say, and while putting some air bottles into boxes and thinking about the […]

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a lovely hyacinth (again) and a tight travel schedule

There we are again: I got 5 fresh hyacinths on Saturday and enjoy their developing bloom and their fragrance. Thus, the picture of today is a quick scan of one of them, some dust removed with photoshop, but otherwise pretty “natural” and not photoshop enhanced. I also sniffing a hyacinth sketch I made about  two […]