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the Italian way

I am back home from my trip to Turin, where I was given the opportunity to give a talk about incense, in my perfumes and also a bit in general that is. The presentation was in the framework of the “circolo dei lettori“. For those of you who speak Italian (I don’t, unfortunately): Here ‘s […]

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red shadow

Yesterday, in the factory, while pouring Incense extreme into bottles and crimping them and putting labels on, it happened that for about 5 minutes the sun came through. In light of temperatures that are still close to zero, and a grey sky that torments northern Europe since felt eternities, this moment was quite special. Like […]

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Advent Calendar day 5

Welcome to the fifth day of our little advent calendar!  First a big thank you for all your lovely comments. And the great inspiration that you all gave me for the creation of scents for soaps! Today, I am posting from winter wonderland again (we got an inch or two of snow again) and I […]

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mixing for Q4

It is summer. Time to think X-mas. In a few moments I will start mixing Une Rose chyprée. The bottles with the raw materials are out of the fridge and cool cellar since yesterday night and had time to come to room temperature. It is 31 ingredients, from Ambrein to Zitrone (lemon) and quite tricky […]