Incense rosé

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the Italian way

I am back home from my trip to Turin, where I was given the opportunity to give a talk about incense, in my perfumes and also a bit in general that is. The presentation was in the framework of the “circolo dei lettori“. For those of you who speak Italian (I don’t, unfortunately): Here ‘s […]

making of

raw materials and mixing

Today is mixing day. And today’s picture to the left shows you the aluminum bottles from the fridge that I took out yesterday, allowing the contents to come to room temperature over night. This is important to avoid condensing water inside the bottles. I store all citrus oils, all flower absolutes, and a few specialties […]

general thoughtsmaking ofscents

details on rose absolute

This morning, reading the comments section of yesterday’s post, I wondered how many roses are needed for the rose absolute that I poured into the mixture of the Incense rose. The mixture I did yesterday is for about 500 flacons later (25 liters) and I put about 183 grams of rose absolute into it. This […]

making of

a box of fragrant stuff for Incense rosé

Yesterday, I got all the production bottles from the cold cellar, for the production of another batch of Incense rosé. Today, with all chemicals and raw materials on room temperature I will mix, and hence no condense water will be forming inside when opening the aluminum bottles. These aluminum bottles look totally unsexy and unromantic, […]