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A facebook post

Good morning from Zurich! Today’s picture: I chose to show you a detail from an illustration that I did for the Cologne du Maghreb, last Friday. This cologne is all natural, all botanical fragrance, a traditional cologne, light and not made to last, and what is inside… well, it is more expensive to produce per […]

marketing and branding

This year's changes

This year has seen a lot of changes for Tauer Perfumes. Some were planned and some where just necessary, and some were a bit painful. Today’s picture shows you one of them: The new packaging. A rectangular tin box, with sliding cover, inside a cardboard protection. In the picture it is in the back, mirroring […]

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at tauerville, clattering into autumn

Here, right now at tauerville’s office works space, printers run and clatter and pop out labels for Une Rose Chyprée. I love this fragrance, with its 50-ies touch, dark and resinous, and in my opinion very wearable for men. Anyhow. I mentioned it a couple of times, that I do the cards for the new […]