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This year's changes

This year has seen a lot of changes for Tauer Perfumes. Some were planned and some where just necessary, and some were a bit painful. Today’s picture shows you one of them: The new packaging. A rectangular tin box, with sliding cover, inside a cardboard protection. In the picture it is in the back, mirroring the metal box. We are still in the switching process for the scents that sell the best, like Air du désert marocain, Lonestar Memories, and 7 others (Incense extrême, Incense rosé, Orange Star, Noontide Petals, the three scents from the Homages line. The rest of the line: We will have to see. For the time being we are using up there what we have in stock of old packaging.

We introduce a new cap that will also go with the new packaging, more or less from now on, again gradually replacing the old wooden cap. The new one is made from Bakelite, and comes with a logo. Both changes help me tremendously to produce, stock and ship.

In Italy, we had – for many sad reasons- to find a new distributor and I am lucky now that KAON will represent my products in Italy, hopefully restoring some normality in this wonderful country with wonderful perfume lovers who appreciate so much what my scents and the way I do things are all about. Artisanal scents beyond the ordinary. This is good, but of course, it comes with a sad notehaving to say goodbye to a great collaboration of the past years.

In order to adjust to some -out of my control- developments we will also adjust prices worldwide, a little bit. Like a few Franks, Euro, Dollar per scent. These will be implemented world wide in October.

And there was more. Since December last year we cannot ship internationally anymore, full bottles, except for a few regions close to Switzerland. I had to switch the way I do my online business in the US, working with an order fulfillment partner for the US, get an US based company for myself, and try to cope with missing online sales.

Looking back to the last 12 months: Wow. That’s already a lot.

And now, what’s next? Pitti. And then we will see. But there is one thing I know: No new box and packaging. No new cap. That’s actually already a bright outlook for 2014.