work in progress

Yesterday, on the way home from long weekend in the Swiss countryside, the conversation in the car went like (me) “you know, in a way, it feels right not to work too hard today!” (driver) “how come?” (me) ” well, it’s Labor Day” (driver) “where’s that?” (me) ” well, Labor Day’s happening in the US” […]

making ofscents

time for a new batch

It is time for mixing a new batch of Lonestar Memories. Actually, it is more than time. I mentioned it a while ago that I shifted my stocking rhythm slightly towards a touch lower stock of everything. The reason: Cash flow, and instead of having money sitting on the shelves in the form of fragrance, […]

marketing and brandingwhat's up?

fetish and trends

From time to time I work with PR professionals; our circles cross and I get to know the world of fashion and perfume from a insider’s perspective. Quite interesting as I usually take perfumes from an other side.  Thus, I was told the other day that FETISH is going to be a BIG trend in […]