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on a brown green orchid and a printer that fits

It is the time of the year again. One of my unknown orchid blooms in the living room. It always does shortly before spring brings back the colors outside. The flowers are actually pretty small (1 cm) and pretty dull on the first look: kind of green-brown. But if you look at their details, it […]

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completely unscented

Today I share a picture of an orchid in bloom, seen over the weekend in my house. The orchid itself is only about 10 high, the flowers are on a string of about 15 cm. I got it as baby plant years ago and sometimes it blooms, always in January. It is completely scentless. But […]

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things that matter

Today, there is more time to think on form, reception of forms and a little bit on function. Why this? Because I will have to do quite some boxing and labeling and sample making today. Time to meditate, think about mails that I need to write and time to think about a packaging issues. Packaging […]

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wish you

Today’s picture shows you an orchid, in full and unfortunately short bloom theses days, in front of a gentle afternoon sun. I wish you a sunny weekend!