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Tea in the desert

So I am back from Saudi Arabia, back to normal, with orders and packing perfume and water droplets sitting on the railing of the balcony after a night with rain. What a contrast! I have taken a lot of impressions and memories back to Switzerland. One of the nicest: Tea in the desert, with the […]

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100% oudh free

the number of so called oudh fragrances, in so called niche and main stream,  or scents with so called oudh as a main note is growing without mercy. A quick overview of the latest additions you find for instance on Now Smell This, following the “please no more oudh”- tag. Click here for the posts […]

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this week we will

today I share a little picture from the Alps with you: Rhododendron hirsutum, or Hairy Alpine Rose. It has nothing to do with roses, grows wild in the Alps, and blooms these days on about 1600 meters above sea level.  I took it with my phone’s cam on Saturday together with some other alpine pictures. […]