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today I share a little picture from the Alps with you: Rhododendron hirsutum, or Hairy Alpine Rose. It has nothing to do with roses, grows wild in the Alps, and blooms these days on about 1600 meters above sea level.  I took it with my phone’s cam on Saturday together with some other alpine pictures. It was an absolutely stunning day. The most impressive scent up there: Männertreu (Nigritella nigra subsp. rhellicani). Absolutely stunning.

Like many sunny days it was followed by a very stormy, grey and rainy day and the leftovers of the rain are still hanging over the town.  So what is new in perfumery town? I will spend a couple of hours in the factory, working on larger orders from retailers, and continuing to pack some scents, stocking up. Last week, we did an inventory and counted the perfume bottles, filled and not filled, and boxes and inlays and more to get an idea where we are, in terms of stock and in terms of expenses, and putting the stock and its amortization into the books you end up with a profit or not.  It is one of the miracles of this world: Book keeping. But even with the smartest book keeping things are simple, at the very, very end of the day. One should get in what one puts out. Sort of.

Anyhow; we counted our stuff, and I know now what I need to reorder soon, and what not. But all the counting and measuring has not answered my question, yet: What perfume to launch in 2013.

I have two scents that are ready, super different from each other and I have not made my mind up so far. I mentioned this earlier.  I think that might be a nice topic for the coming days to discuss. With some sort of launch related side notes. For instance about trends, like the recent Oudh trend, and how these trends destroy the real thing and how nourishing the trend by talking about it destroys what was at the heart of the trend.  Sort of.

Anyhow; I have a hard time deciding which scent to launch next year in my Tauer line. This year, I am launching LORETTA, from Tableau de Parfums, in autumn 2012, and that’s another topic I wish to talk in the coming days.

Thus, more about my forth and back in selecting a fragrance for 2013 in the coming days. And by the time we have discussed this during this week, the rain might have stopped. It sure hasn’t so far and it looks like it is going to be a wet ride down to the factory.