oil portrait

an oil portrait

The last week felt a bit like 24/7. And this week will continue like that. Because…. I will leave in 7 days for a short vacation. And I will close the tauer perfumes website for a couple of days, too. For two reasons: I cannot fulfill orders when absent. And we will do some upgrades […]

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hand nose coordination

when drawing an object that sits in front of you, you need a special kind of hand-eye coordination. Besides learning (again) how to see properly, I think this coordination is something that needs training, to some extend. And to some extend, I guess, you just have it, like a gift. In my eye, when painting […]

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Today’s painting (digital, done with ps) shows you what we call “Taucherli”. Swiss German often uses diminutives for a lot from dog (= Hund, Swiss German Hündli) to house (Haus, Huus=>Huesli) and well, “Taucherli” from the verb tauchen= dive. Little black water birds that dive for food. They crossed my way, sort of, when I […]

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spectacular on many levels

The regular readers of this blog know about my Sunday rituals. Human beings need structures and I am no exception there. Most Sundays you see me jogging my half marathon in the hills leading out of Zurich’s west. Yesterday was an absolutely spectacular jog: Starting in bright sunlight and temperatures that are still unusual for […]

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beautiful otherness

I could not resist writing today’s title for this post: Right now I am listening to “Beautiful Otherness by Bent, on Everlasting Blink”. So today’s post is about skin. And a piece of thought that kind of struck me while in Portland and discussing what makes a tauer scent a tauer scent. I realized that […]

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work in progress

Today’s picture going with this post shows you a work in progress. A banana peel illustration that waits to get finished, while the real banana peel has turned from yellow to all brown. I wanted to get it all done on Saturday, but it took too much time. It is a rather large format digital […]