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Cologne Du Maghreb

Hurray! Cologne du Maghreb is here (back). You can get full size bottles here and the miniature you find here. And here are the details about shipping restrictions.  Finally. The last few months were so busy and a rollercoaster ride with our logistics and sourcing of raw materials. So it took longer than expected and […]

general thoughts

white frost

Yesterday, the sun showed again, after a couple of days under a thick fog cloud. I went jogging, up the hill, and found myself in a fairytale landscape. All trees glittering in bright sunlight, covered with white frost. Amazing! The picture only vaguely reflects this magical moment. What a perfect start the jogging in crisp […]

general thoughts

so tired of perfume as an art

Sundays, I always go for my half marathon jogging, not really ambitiously running for any time goal, but happily enjoying the fact that it still works and that I’ll get it done.  In the second part of the run, the way the mind works sort of changes; maybe it is oxygen, maybe it is endorphins […]

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risk and post heroic societies

Today, there was an article about risks et al in the newspaper, in the context of avalanches and protective gear and more. This is one of the topics I enjoy reading about, for a couple of reasons. One of them is my impression that we, here in Switzerland and in some other spots, try to move […]