Not everything, everywhere, all the time

Greetings from Switzerland! Today’s picture shows you happy Andy in the Swiss Alpes. (Jungfraujoch) It is the holiday season and I take a day off here and there. But no real holiday here: we are just too busy packing and shipping orders out. This is nice and there will be the time for a few […]

Rose delight perfumed body oil
making of

the first one

Here’s a little “making of” before I am heading for the factory where more bottles are waiting for me to fill them, label them or pack them. Usually, I do a bit of everything as I am easily bored and cannot just do one thing all day. So the making of: Today’s picture shows you […]

what's up?

tell them what handmade really means

Today’s picture shows you where I will be in 20 minutes: the room where I pour and label and pack all that goes of to world from tauerville. Towards the window, you see a row of 200 air du désert marocain, filled, waiting to be polished and labeled. Towards the camera is the dispenser that […]