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On rumors: Tauer attends Pitti Fragranze 2013

It will be in 4 month sharp that I will be at Pitti Fragranze 2013, on a stand organized by and  together with my distributor Profumimport. I mention this here, and will continue doing so a couple of times, as I learned that there are rumors spread in Italy that I won’t attend this year’s […]

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out of box failure

This is actually a happy post although the title let ‘s you guess it might not be. The postman was busy yesterday, bringing me a lot of things: fragrant raw materials that I have been waiting for since….October 2011!  Finally, I have (almost) all ready to mix Loretta, the second fragrance from the Tableau de […]

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back from Milano

I write these lines while riding back from Milano, after a few hours discussing the future of Tableau de Parfums in Italy. I think the future is bright there, we hope so at least. The rest of the week sees some retail order packing hectic in the factory. Sitting for 8 hours in trains allows […]