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pentachord samples online

Well, well. I guess this is one of the most exciting days this year. For me at least. I start offering Pentachords samples, individually or as part of the discovery set, on my website, and so does Luckyscent. And today, Elena from the PerfumeShrine blog started the blogging round on Tableau de Parfums and Woman’s […]

making ofTableau de Parfums

clustered desk

Today’s photo shows you the out most right corner of my desk where packaging tests, purse spray sample vials, demo flacons, and some dust settled while working with Brian on the flacon and its packaging for Tableau de Parfums (for first pictures: see Woman’s Picture fan page on facebook or Evelyn Avenue ). It all […]

making ofmarketing and brandingTableau de Parfums

On Tableau de Parfums and concepts for a purse spray

if there is one thing that I learned in the last 7 years that I am building my brand then it is this: The fragrant inside may be a matter of some importance. But the outside matters more. It may sound sad, but this is reality. Reality is what happens in the shops, online and […]