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unfinished business

Today, I managed to squeeze in 15 minutes sketching time, before turning on the electronic magic machine with its window to the world, and after drinking the first cup of coffee, with a bunch of roses in front of me. It is sort of unfinished, but fits today’s post perfectly, and hence you find it […]

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in Russia, exploring birch trees and other treasures

In the parts of Russia, where I traveled for the last week, it was very much autumn already, with snow falling, little bits only, but still. Thus, it was chilly outside and – to be honest- super hot inside, especially in my hotel room, where I was trying to fight the general heating with my […]

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travel plans and a word on shipping to Russia

The day before yesterday I booked the flight to Los Angeles and the rental car for my spring break. It looks like I will spend my spring breaks for the rest of my life in California. Thus, end May I will be in LA again. Uff. Can’t wait. Getting old and wimpy: I booked a […]