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travel plans and a word on shipping to Russia

The day before yesterday I booked the flight to Los Angeles and the rental car for my spring break. It looks like I will spend my spring breaks for the rest of my life in California.

Thus, end May I will be in LA again. Uff. Can’t wait. Getting old and wimpy: I booked a nonstop flight because I learned the last time how comfortable this is together with an easierimmigration procedure in LA, compared to getting in and out in Chicago or NY or Atlanta. The last time I had to change in Chicago I took the picture of the pigeon waiting that you see on the left.

Between this break and now I need to go to Milano for a day or two, will hop into London once or twice, will spend a few days in Rome and I will launch my line in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

There, I start with a distributor and will present my line in two, three shops. I was working for a long time on this, as  I knew since an equally long time that I need to stop shipping to Russia directly. I got so many parcels not delivered.

It is a pity, but we encountered so many troubles when shipping to Russia. Once the importer and me got the deal done, I stopped shipping to Russia.

Thus, when launching in February I will be there and between then and now I am busy filling bottles. Which is what I will do in a second. …