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more detail

today’s picture shows you a scan that I did yesterday. Or better: It is a little detail, highlighted from a 1.5 GB scan of a lavender twig, cut in the garden yesterday, polished by lots of rain this week. Today’s going to be a super busy day, already started a while ago. It will see […]

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in sales, incertitude

There we are again: Monday, Monday, and a new week, fresh and untouched before us. Today I have a scan for you, an scanned bug, about 1 cm long from head to the tip of the wings, found dead outside, and scanned, with 10500 pixels x 10500 pixels. This results in something like 650 MB. […]

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another rose picture

I could not resist today and scanned another rose bouquet that sits in the living room. Not that I would have time to seriously think about a new rose fragrance right now: I am actually too busy right now, dealing with last week preparations for Pitti Fragranze and organizing a few points after Pitti. But […]

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a lovely hyacinth (again) and a tight travel schedule

There we are again: I got 5 fresh hyacinths on Saturday and enjoy their developing bloom and their fragrance. Thus, the picture of today is a quick scan of one of them, some dust removed with photoshop, but otherwise pretty “natural” and not photoshop enhanced. I also sniffing a hyacinth sketch I made about  two […]

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The fluffy inner most of clementines

I got my new scanner. WOW. This thing scans so fine that I soon need a few new hard disks. But before I show you the pictures: Here a few its and bits that I forgot yesterday  -I forgot indeed to tell you why I get the scented cards done-. Thus let me answer the […]

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The autumn colors this year are stunning. And as we did not have any storms or heavy rain in the last few weeks but cool nights that push to trees into color changing mode: Lots of trees exploded in colors. Ready for winter’s grip. But, if you watch closely, you can see that for every […]

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back in normal waters

Sodeli…(Swiss German for well, well…) we are back in sort of normal mode.  Normal mode for end September is packing and dispatching a lot of boxes which is, despite the fact that it is work, a true joy to me. I love to say bye bye to parcels and boxes and wish them farewell on […]