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Scented cards

Yesterday, I got the scented cards, perfumed with the scent of the CARILLON POUR UN ANGE, delivered to my house. Hurray! They smell -like the test we did beforehand- gorgeous and incredibly close to what you get out of the flacon. Thus, this week is definitely a Carillon week. These cards are a bit difficult […]

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The fluffy inner most of clementines

I got my new scanner. WOW. This thing scans so fine that I soon need a few new hard disks. But before I show you the pictures: Here a few its and bits that I forgot yesterday  -I forgot indeed to tell you why I get the scented cards done-. Thus let me answer the […]

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carillon inside

Today’s picture is another scan: Chrysanthemum, scanned the other day. And it is a  heavy duty production day today: More eau d’épices needs to go into flacons and (later) boxes. The last few weeks were a bit crazy when it comes to the spicy water. And referring to an earlier post: I started working on […]