St. Petersburg

creating scents

fragrant kingdoms and what perfumery is all about

In St. Petersburg, during the gala diner, I held a speech. The only recommendation given to me was “make it beautiful”. Thus, I was free to speak for 10 min about my passion and what I feel when it comes to creating perfumes. In the following, you find my English text of this evening. I […]

general thoughtswhat's up?

a woman in blue

I need to move on with a lot of projects, thus there was not a lot of time to sit and contemplate so far. I need to see that I can find some minutes to review my days in Russia. I might do so while you watch the 90 seconds movie that I did in […]

what's up?

a moment of sadness

When the plane brought me up into the air yesterday, there was a moment of sadness. The sadness of leaving after a few days in a special place with good and brave people. Leaving after enjoying the company of people, who are very passionate about what they do and people who follow on the things […]

general thoughtswhat's up?

reception at 6 pm

I am getting ready for my trip to Russia. And, as it is a first time for many reasons: time to get a little bit nervous. But just a little bit; as I have lots of last minute preparations on the table, there is not enough time to enter deeply into really nervous territory. And […]

general thoughtswhat's up?

travel plans and a word on shipping to Russia

The day before yesterday I booked the flight to Los Angeles and the rental car for my spring break. It looks like I will spend my spring breaks for the rest of my life in California. Thus, end May I will be in LA again. Uff. Can’t wait. Getting old and wimpy: I booked a […]