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Land Your Inventory Early, and a rose de Kandahar crime story

The guy poking his tongue out at nobody (!) in particular, this might be the devil of logistics. The rest of what you find in today’s quick sketch: No idea, really. It was a procrastination exercise a couple of days ago. Well, maybe it is comparable to Odin’s ravens: Bringing the news of the world. […]

what's up?

after moving

after moving tauer perfumes into the new warehouse, we are all sort of exhausted here. It took us a full day of loading, and unloading and carrying the bottles, and labels and tops and boxes and more labels and more from here to there. Us = me and the W.-factor. The picture below shows you […]

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new perspectives

Yesterday’s interview session with Extrait.it was great. The video will show on the Extrait platform on June 17th, after my official launch of the pentachords in Campo Marzio. But right now, I look forward to moving. This is the moving weekend for my warehouse. This morning, I have the last workman do some fixes on […]

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wet poppy

we had finally some rain here in Zurich and it felt like a relief. The air feels clean like a towel after a thorough washing cycle. My giant poppy in the garden got wet too and the snails came back from hiding and have eaten about half of the coriander’s lush green. Well, then. Everybody […]

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fetish and trends

From time to time I work with PR professionals; our circles cross and I get to know the world of fashion and perfume from a insider’s perspective. Quite interesting as I usually take perfumes from an other side.  Thus, I was told the other day that FETISH is going to be a BIG trend in […]