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end of week

Happy Friday! That was quite a week! Like… super busy here. Now, I just finished preparing the last shipment papers for retailers shipments that will leave the factory this afternoon. And then, then we go back to normal. Normal means: Working on the Gardenia launch, enjoying the thrill, and playing with raw materials (again): While […]

what's up?

today’s picture shows you the view from the motel where I usually stay in 29 Palms: the Harmony Motel. It faces the hills that overlook 29 Palms. I love sitting there, on the porch, and watching the hills turning on their lights in the evening, changing colors from bright greyish brown to dark red. I […]

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spectacular on many levels

The regular readers of this blog know about my Sunday rituals. Human beings need structures and I am no exception there. Most Sundays you see me jogging my half marathon in the hills leading out of Zurich’s west. Yesterday was an absolutely spectacular jog: Starting in bright sunlight and temperatures that are still unusual for […]

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surface texture

Bakelite comes with a surface structure. Every morning, when turning the computer on, I see an empty pentagonal flacon with a bakelite top, in dim light and the surface looks a bit like skin, shiny skin. I was told, by the guy responsible for the production of my flacon bakelite tops, that they call it […]

general thoughts

Jasmine, in watercolor, and starting 2014

The past few days have seen me relaxing a bit. It was a great 2013, no complaints there, but it was also rather loaded with work and I missed downtime to sketch and play. I am not the kind of person who comes up with New Year’s resolutions, really. Are you? Here’s the thing: Life’s […]