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Tauer does not mind dirty hands

“I do not mind getting dirty hands. I think as creators we need to engage with the materials that we choose to express ourselves. When I mix fragrances and
pour my creations into flacons, I build an intimate relation to my produce and connect to the perfume lovers who will ultimately cherish them.”

Today, I share a detail with you, a  cut out of page 5 of the upcoming brochure about Andy Tauer’s Tauer Perfumes. The above text goes with a picture that I personally love very much. I did it over the weekend, it shows my hand and an citrus blossom, is somewhat pre- photoshoped and trust me: No flowers were harmed taking it. The flower was not cut. The red tonality will need a touch more optimization in photoshop but this will come at the end. The text might also need a few adjustments, as I am not native. But I hope you get the message.

Yesterday, I decided on the overall guiding layout for my little brochure adventure, and the story that I want to tell on how many pages. And I did the first 5 pages: At least defining the pictures and raw text. The fine tuning happens towards the end. Thus, yesterday was sort of an early creative day (instead of Friday). Today, well… today will see me in the factory, finishing the Orange Star bottle labeling action and filling some samples, as we run out of a few of them. I guess, I will first have to finish a few difficult emails, though.

And I will have to fight getting off the computer. I love to compose pictures and text. I am so tempted to start working on page 6 and 7: My packaging and how I present my creations. Page 4 and 5 focused on products being hand made in Switzerland, and on the craft of perfume creation: on me being the composer, creator of all the fragrances. There, I try to make readers understand that I compose , and how I do it (just a glimpse) as this is what most others do not do anymore. And a course for a week in Grasse or at Givaudan is not the same. Most so-called niche fragrances and brands are composed by an industry behind. This does not mean that the scents are not good: It is just a difference.

Page 2 and 3 are of introducing nature, bringing about the groove of Tauer, Andy, with a word on inspiration and what’s behind my scents.

Finally, not having decided yet: Maybe I do the citrus flower in a 3D lacquer, that doesn’t really cost more. It brings out a 3 D effect and would be sort of cool. On the other hand, the appearance of the picture is more natural without. We’ll see. Not important. Like many other things that keep us busy.